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Comic Books Showcase

Welcome to our Comic Books Showcase, where we proudly display the daring and dynamic tales we've crafted for our readers. Take a flip through our portfolio and witness how we bring characters to life through the vibrant art of comic book storytelling. Join us on epic adventures and discover the limitless possibilities of the comic book medium!

Shani na Mjusi Masta

A superhero battles against the forces of evil created by those who violate the rights of children. Shani inspires and empowers children to join the fight against these evil forces, which are led by the villainous Mjusi Masta. With Shani's leadership, the children work to protect their communities and ensure a better future for all.

CLIENT: Friedrich Naumann Foundation


"Kijani" is a heartwarming musical short film that follows the inspiring journey of a 10-year-old boy who mobilizes his community to take action against climate change. Through his determination and leadership, Heri helps his community overcome the devastating effects of climate change and embrace a more sustainable way of life."

FUNDED BY: Netherlands embassy, Tanzania

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Underwater Heritage 

This documentary aims to raise awareness about Africa's underwater cultural heritage and the need to protect and promote it. Using state-of-the-art 3D animation, the film recreates lost artifacts, including the Ngomeni Shipwreck, and shows the importance to protect it. 

CLIENT: UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa


A short film raising awareness about the challenges faced by physically disabled students in schools. Mira, a basketball player, grapples with a tragic accident that causes her to lose her ability to walk, and her journey to get back into the game. The film portrays her determination and resilience in the face of adversity, inspiring viewers to pursue their dreams despite the odds.

FUNDED BY: High Commission of Canada in Tanzania

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